Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bedrock City

I crossed over into South Dakota today. It's as wide open as Wyoming.

I did find, however, that apparently there is a difference between Buffalo and Bison.

I visited Belle Fouche, South Dakota, where I stood in the Center Of The Nation (49 States). Made me feel pretty small. But then again, I am small.

I could not resist visting Flinstones Bedrock City in Custer. After all, I joined this family when I was won at the Barnstable County Fair, in a duel of squirt guns, pushing Flinstone characters to the top. However, Bedrock City was pretty hokie, even for me. Check out the jeans and sneakers on the Fred dude.

Today's beer: Alimony Ale from Buffalo Bill's Brewery (even though it is not in South Dakota).

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