Friday, December 17, 2010

Northernmost Point in the Lower 48

Before I start south to Texas, I made a stop at the Northernmost Point in the Continental United States. It is in the appropriately named Angle Inlet, Minnesota, that angle of the state that sticks into Canada a bit. In fact, you cannot get to Angle Inlet by road without going through Canada.

Speaking of roads, they are cold and desolate up here.

Here is today's weather map to give you an idea of where I am.

Here I am at the Northernmost Post Office in the Continental United States. I think at this point I have the Coldest Aquamarine Tush in the Continental United States. Hence I am inside.

It's so cold the approprite beer was Cold Spring Ale, of the Cold Spring Brewery, in Cold Spring, Minnesota. Brrr...

Time to head south for warmer climes and Christmas cheer.

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  1. Georgie missed the world's largest hockey stick and puck in Eveleth, MN (where the US Hockey Hall of Fame is). Believe it or not, Laura and I have been there.