Thursday, December 23, 2010

Texas Sights

Sure is great to be in Texas again.

Thought I would catch a few sights in Texas as I head for Houston. Though some sights here are not too pretty.

Stopped in Decatur to see the superb Petrified Wood Gas Station. Actually, what I liked best was this vintage blue Mustang. No, I am not trying to take it. I am not a criminal!

I saw this cute girl in Decatur. Now this is more like it, a pretty sight in Texas!

I passed through Weatherford, hometown to Mary Martin (who orginated Peter Pan) and her son, Larry Hagman (J.R. of Dallas fame). I know, it is goofy that I posed like the statue, but it is a family tradition (I am on the right, btw).

I came to Weatherford to see another World's Largest. The town has a museum where visitors can see a full-sized longhorn named Rawhide who was mentioned by Ripley's Believe it or Not as having the Largest Horn Spread.

One last World's Largest today: the World's Largest Catapiller. It is right on I-35 in Italy, TX. It is seven domes merged together, formed by sprayed concrete over a balloon -- the national home of Monolithic Dome Industries. OK, pretty stupid. But sure is a nice hog, huh?

To a non-Texan, the Lone Star longneck is probably the most famous beer in the State of Texas, and that is a real shame. Don't get me wrong; Texans are mighty proud of the Lone Star state - but Lone Star beer? Not so much. I mean, look what it did to this poor critter.

Should reach Houston tomorrow, Christmas Eve.


  1. Will says that Danielle would be seriously creeped out by the fact that you have facebook stalked her to get a pciture. But Georgie sure looks happy.

    Can't wait for his arrival tomorrow! By plane, train, bus, car, roller skates???

  2. Hold up, there -- isn't Will's GF the one holding the beer?