Friday, December 3, 2010


So today I headed south for Portland. Along the way I had a chance to take in another "World's Largest...," this time the World's Largest Egg, in Winlock, Washington.

Portland seems like a nice town, even if it is so close to Canada. That's what I hear, anyway. I stopped at Kate and Andrew's, but they were at work. Kate keeps a pretty nice setup in the dining room. Maybe a recent special occasion.

Lola, however, was at home. Like everything else in her house that is stuffed, I became a toy. Somehow I escaped unscathed, though throughly slobbered upon.

Kate and Andrew, or the rest of the family for that matter, may not know that I stowed away to Houston last summer. The pictures prove it, if you look closely. Yes, I am part of the family.

Oregon has a good brewery, Rogue. They have some fun names, like Dead Guy Ale and Arrogant Bastard Ale, but this Yellow Snow brew seemed appropriate. It had a lab on the label. I bet Ruby would like it.

Where to next? I am wide open to suggestions. Advent is just starting.

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  1. Yellow Snow brew? Really?
    You're hilarious. I'm thoroughly enjoying this!