Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Porter Sculpture Park

Porter Sculpture Park is located in Montrose, SD. It features more than 50 sculptures produced by Wayne Porter, including a 60' tall bull head (The giant bull head is visible for miles on I-90).

But is it art?

Another large sculpture depicts a fish jumping out of a cracked fish bowl and making an escape across the field.

I went past cartoon-like vultures doing different things such as bashing each other over the tops of their heads with hammers. After the vultures I wound past the yellow man (poking fun at art critics), a prairie dragon, and a giant screaming head with a hand erupted out of its scalp, among others.

This one sculpture is nearly the right shade in this light...

I even met the sculptor, Wayne Porter. Nice hat.

In honor of Wayne Porter, today's beer is a porter: Old Bongwater Hemp Porter from Kettlehouse Brewery in Montana. Obviously something inspired Wayne...

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